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Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory basic training (or CBT for short) is a course designed to ensure you have the basic skills to keep yourself safe on the road and continue to learn and develop essential skills to continue learning.

Contrary to popular beliefs it is not a test, there is no pass or fail. It is a set of guidelines designed to ensure you have all the skills necessary to ride confidently and competently.

If you don’t meet the standard on day one, dont panic! You won’t be the first and there are no obstacles that cant be overcome by more practice and training - we will always invite you back and ensure you have everything you need to be able to reach the standard required.

What happens on the day?

To successfully reach the required standard for CBT you will need to do some preparation.

We do not provide footwear and you will not be able to train if you do not have shoes/boots.

A CBT course is generally conducted over the duration of a whole day (usually 9am - 4pm). There is time allocated for lunch and breaks so please bring food and drink or money to buy what you need.

At 08:45 - 09:00 you will arrive and meet your instructor. They will introduce themselves to you and show you their authorisation and ID. They will ask to see your license and conduct an eyesight check (so please bring your glasses if you need them for distance).

Your instructor will fit you with helmet, gloves and a jacket and make sure you are feeling comfortable. Once you are kitted out and happy to proceed, your training session will begin.

Over the course of the day you have to display skills across 5 different elements. These are:

Element A - Introduction

Element B - Practical on-site training

Element C - Practical on-site riding

Element D - Practical on-road training preparation

Element E - Practical on-road riding

At the end of the day if you have met the required standard you will be issued with a dl196 (CBT) Certificate valid for two years - your instructor will explain what it means. If you have not reached the standard, your instructor will brief you about where you need improvement and will work with you to devise a plan for further training.

Refusal of a certificate is not failure - we want you to be safe