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There is often a lot of confusion regarding the current licensing categories so we have tried to make it as simple as possible. If you need further guidance please feel free to contact us or have a look on the useful information link above.

Put simply the A licence is an unrestricted licence. You need to be at least 21 years of age and have two years experience on A2 restriction for progressive access OR at least 24 years old with a valid DL196 (CBT certificate) and Theory Test certificate for Direct Access (DAS)

This training and test will be carried out on a machine that produces at least 40kW. Upon successful completion of Module 1 & 2 you will be able to ride any motorcycle you want!

All full licence category tests are made up of 4 parts. The only thing that changes is the motorcycle you will use.

The separate elements are listed below:

Part 1: Compulsory Basic Training - The basics of riding motorcycles. The foundation on which you will build you skill level. If you don’t have a valid CBT, don’t panic! We can factor this is as part of your training package.

Part 2: Theory Test - This test is designed to ensure you have the required knowledge to use the public highway safely. See useful information for links to theory revision resources.

Part 3: Module 1 - This test is conducted in a Multi Purpose Testing Centre operated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. It is designed to test your control of the machine at slow speed and through various manoeuvres (slalom, figure of 8, U-turn etc…). As part of your training we aim to give every student at least one session in the off road testing area to practice and conduct a mock test. This test usually takes around 15 minutes.

To take the pressure off you we even offer a free re-test if you don’t pass first time!

Part 4: Module 2 - This test is conducted on the Public Highway from a Multi Purpose Testing Centre. This is the final stage of testing and is designed to ensure you are safe to ride on the road with other road users. Your examiner will be observing you ride and assessing all aspects of your riding (planning, eco-riding, handling of the machine etc…). During your training we will teach you how to pass your test and ride in a way that far surpasses the minimum standards.

We want you to be excellent riders, not just learning for the test.

You will also be asked a number of ‘Show me, Tell me’ questions. These can be found on our useful information page and we will coach you to know exactly what is required of you. This test usually take around 45 minutes.

So, What does it cost?

Put simply the price is based on the amount of training you need meaning courses are tailored to you as an individual.

We believe our courses offer outstanding value for money and we are so confident in our training we insist on a FREE half hour session on a bike before providing your no obligation quote.

To get your personal training quote contact us and our team will be happy to get you booked in and advise on the best route for you to take!

Direct Access Unrestricted A Licence